The 2022 Hajj has concluded, and Muslims from all over the globe who traveled to Mecca to conduct Hajj are now returning to their respective countries.
Some Nigerians who traveled to do Hajj in 2022 have returned safely. However, Olamilekan Ayinlaagbaye, a prominent Nollywood actor, producer, director, social media influencer, and brand ambassador, has just returned from Hajj.

Muslims believe that individuals who have returned from Hajj will have their prayers granted.

Obtaining blessings from a new Alhaji is advantageous in Islam.

Murphy Afolabi, a prominent Nigerian actor, has posted a new video on his official Instagram page.
In the video, he greets his Hajji colleague, Olamilekan, and asks him to pray for him.

He wrote:

“I have received my blessings from the new ALHAJI. Alhamdulillah welcome back Alhaji Olamilekan Ayinla a.k.a 220”


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