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Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi, a popular and seasoned Nollywood actress, producer, and director, revealed how her acting career began in an interview with Channels Television. She also confirmed that she is currently one of the wealthiest Nollywood actresses and is not just a noise maker.

According to her, she started her movie career by being paid peanuts and receiving heavy alerts. According to her, “There is no money in the Yoruba industry, but I kept pushing because of the passion I have for acting, and now I can confidently tell you that I’m one of the richest actresses and not just a noise maker.”

Toyin Abraham clarified that she rose to fame due to her passion for performing and that, if it were for financial gain, the Yoruba film business would not have paid her well enough.

She did, however, admit that money was not the reason she left the business.

Actress Toyin Abraham opens up on her pregnancy loss (Video)

Nollywood star Toyin Abraham has spoken out about losing her pregnancy.

Early this year, it was thought that the light-skinned actress was expecting a child. Now, she has acknowledged that she was. She lost the baby, though, and it did not survive.

Toyin acknowledged that she wept after the loss since she had wanted to have one or two children and had failed to do so.

She also stated how, after becoming swollen from the loss, she experienced body shaming.

“When the time is right, the pregnancy will stay.

I plan to have more.kids. I was actually pregnant but I lost it.

I cried because I wanted to have one more or two kids and am done.

Things happened and I was bloated and many body shamed me but am used to it as an actress”.

I don’t Want To Talk About My Ex Wife – Seun Egbegbe Says
Seun Egbegbe, the ex-boyfriend of Toyin Abraham, a well-known Nollywood actress, warned journalists and media organizations in an interview not to keep bringing up the actress.

Seun Egbegbe stated during an appearance on the program “LagboOsere” that he won’t agree to an interview if he is asked such a topic.

After being repeatedly questioned by “LagboOsere” viewers about the reason for his and Toyin Abraham’s separation, Seun Egbegbe responded in this way.

Watch the video below;

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