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As flooding takes over some parts of the country with rising concerns in Lagos State, Instagram Comedienne and actress Chinonso Ukah better known as Nons Miraj has lamented about the nonchalant attitude people portray.

Taking to her Instagram story, she shared her worries and asked what can be done to prevent flooding disaster in Lagos. She noted that Lagos Island has a lot of beaches and this may cause more flooding.

Nons Miraj revealed that she doesn’t know how to swim.

Nons Miraj shares her worry
In the video posted on her Instagram stories, she said: “Eeii God..we are going about our daily lives, some people are not hearing there is flood, ok ok.

“Some people are still doing skit. How are we going to watch the skit self is it when there is flood everywhere God I don’t even know how to rant I do t even know what to say.

“At this juncture everyone should be panicking, me I don’t even know how to swim. We all gats dey panic because it is getting closer.

“We have beaches almost everywhere like this on this island, if the flood comes ,If the flood comes and it adds to that one, everywhere will be flooded, our cars, our houses, everything Our house our properties everything will just go, we cannot start again from the beginning What are we going to do guys?

“Are we relocating? What is happening man! Are you guys not freaking out? Jesus! These billionaires that are in Lagos you guys that can reach the government, you guys have cats that are madder than my own, you have properties , you people are not even panicking.

“Someone should do something. What do we do? How do we reach them? How do we create? Because very soon when the flood comes shops and everything will be closed
We that are at least living upstairs upstairs maybe the flood will not reach us small. How do we buy things and stock up our houses , I don’t even know.. at least if we cannot go out we will not die of starvation
We that we cannot swim, should we start learning how to swim
Enh enh…I know I’m saying rubbish right now because I don’t even know am I making sense? This is how I panic… Eeeei…I can’t swim. Where will I…will I…

“Where can we keep our cars we can’t lift it up what’s going to happen to us that have hustled? You people should say something o
It’s in Lagos…it’s coming”.

Nons Miraj receives backlash over halloween costume
Igbohoconnect News recalls that Nons Miraj received backlash in 2021, over her Halloween costume.

Halloween is a holiday celebrated each year on 31st October and some Nigerian celebrities join in on the trend.

The comic actress who was not left out in the trend rocked a blood-stained nun outfit with a rosary and a horrific ghost makeover. The actress has fallen under criticism for using the religious regalia for something demonic, revealing that she combined the nun costume and rosary with a demonic sign on her forehead.

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