I didn’t owe Princess, Iyabo Ojo, an apology for supporting Baba Ijesha’s human rights- Yomi Fabiyi - IgbohoConnect

Yomi Fabiyi, a Nigerian actor, said that even after being abused for defending Baba Ijesha’s human rights, he had no obligation to Princess, Iyabo Ojo, or anybody else.

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In an interview with the TVC, Yomi Fabiyi explained that people misunderstood what he stood for and that he didn’t support r@pe.

He simply wants Baba Ijesha’s right to speak, not just that of the claimed victim.

To buttress is poin in the video, he wrote :

Yesterday I was a guest on TVC, “YOUR VIEW”. I shared my view and opinion on #babaijesha

As an adult and a member of the voting public, I reserve the right to wish my country well and to advocate that my country not be taken BACKWARDS or into PERPETUAL DARKNESS.
My goal is to advance the frontiers of #HumanRights, #Peace, #Security, and #Justice.


RPE, sexual abuse, harassment, and child abuse are all crimes that must be prosecuted if they are committed.
Avoid committing crimes.


However, in order to have CLOSURE, TRUTH, FAIRNESS, and JUSTICE, 100% truth must be established and the rule of law must be followed.
Fighting injustice, malicious prosecution, and violations of rights is essential.
The following are a series of unanswered questions that beg for answers:

1. How old is the girl? Is this abundantly established as stipulated by the laws of our land e.g proof of birth certificate, mother/adult present at the time of birth to testify or medical test? What if she is not 14years?

2. Was there an obstruction if the police did not obtain the cctv from the crime scene? Why did they claim that there was NO NETWORK available to recover cctv? The cctv must have been turned on before Baba Ijesha entered the room, allowing the court to verify both parties’ claims of s@xual assault, entrapment, torture (trial by ordeal), obtaining confessions under duress, illegal possession of arms, attempted murder, and so on.

3. Why is the other accused person, who confessed to having s@x with girl not in court, who removed him from the trial?

4. Why is the public and the justice system silent on the fact that a minor’s (allegedly) life was ENDANGERED in order to gather evidence? Where in our laws does it say that an unauthorised person can entice or bait others to commit cri!me? The prerequisite for that action is incorrect, and it has no legal standing. Why is there such a radio silence on this?

5. Why the silence on PAR@NTAL NEGL!GENCE during trial?

As a nation must be weary of how we use our PRISONS to cage and hurt people. The consequences traces back into the society like kinetic energy. We outside gets terribly endangered, insecur@d, unsettled, in prison-like lifestyles.

Get your conscience to work. We want the TRUTH.


Watch him speak after this:

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