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Grammy-winning musician Burna Boy mocked Davido in his response to Wizkid.

According to a previous Gossipinfo news article, Wizkid had sent a memo to his business associates outlining the proper way to approach him.

Burna Boy responded by agreeing with Wizkid that he is the founder of the music industry.

He claimed to be Davido’s musical industry uncle.

“Lmao, normally Wizkid na every Naija artistes popsy for sure. But I be Uncle to Davido for the Music thing!!! Yes I said it!!!”.

Davido and others are dissed by Wizkid
Recall that Wizkid had written a letter to his business partners.

Wizkid instructed them to start addressing him as sir or dad on his Snapchat account.

Bragging, Wizkid stated that he can stop touching the mic and yet, no one would be able to touch his wealth.

In what seemed like a shade to Davido, he added that even if they ask their dad or mum for help, it would amount to his wealth.

Wizkid promised to open to class for artists to come learn how to get all they deserve with less work and smart business choices.

“I can stop touching the mic today and y’all lil niggas still can’t touch the wealth! Even if u ask ur dad and mom for ur help.

Also soon, I’ll open a class for u niggas to come learn how to get all you deserve with less work and smart business choices.

Moving forward!! Y’all address me as Sir or daddy before h mention my name! Ok babies!

On his Instagram story, he wrote,

“Everybody’s daddy!
Goodmorning my kids”.

Burna Boy shades Davido, takes swipe at Wizkid
The ‘Twice As Tall’ singer had taken a swipe at his colleague, Wizkid.

Burna who had been exchanging words with Wizkid’s fanbase had tackled them once again.

Burna Boy had taken to his Twitter page to praise his album.

He noted the several achievements his album, African Giant had recorded over the years.

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