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The  world  

we are is truly a small village no matter how long the secret of a man may hide ,it must be revealated one day.

I am a 46 year old man and i have married for five years without any issue. I promised to pay for the bride price of my wife, but i became disturbed as a result of not having a  child  

. All the pregnancies my wife had were voluntarily terminated in a Mysterious manner. wife was also worried about the persistent voluntary termination of her pregnancies .

So we decided to seek for Spiritual intervention from various places. Some said the problem is from the womb of my wife, while others said, it is Spiritual. As someone seeking for solution, i paid for whatever demanded from me by the Spiritualists, but all efforts were in vain.

I was introduced to Dr Edward Solution temple, phone+234808 802 3229 who revealed to me that my wife is my blood  sister  

born of the same  mother  

and that was the reason her pregnancy cannot see the light of the day. I was surprised because i didn’t know my mother before she left my Dad for another man at a tender age.

So i began to worry my  father  

to take me to the  family  

of my mother. My wife also prevailed on her father because her mother is already late and she didn’t told her she have a child somewhere. When the pressure was too much for them to bear . They took us differently to the family of our mother and it was discoverd that the same mother gave birth to us.

Now I am in state of confusion whether to proceed on the marrige or to live as blood brother and sister because i cannot do without my wife who is now my sister.

We have already taken oath not to separate each other no matter what. Beside we have known carnal knowledge of each other. So it is very difficult to separate ourselves. My father said we can’t marry since we are brothers and sisters . Like wise to the father of my supposed wife who is now my sister.

Please i need your advice , because am in a dilemma on what to do.

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