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A single mother of one describes how, after making a number of complaints about missing her ex-partners, she ultimately ended up making love to her own son.

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In an interview that Ghana’s VIBES IN 5 aired, a guest boldly admitted to having had sex with her kid.

The woman claimed that her son would frequently offer to satisfy her sexual urge after she complained about missing her ex-partners.

She then elaborated on her point by saying that she eventually gave in to the urge by going down with her son once, but never again, despite his offer to be there for her if she needed him.

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Moyo is an excellent example of a celebrity who is a fashionista and uses her personal style to inspire other women.
Moyo recently shared new photos of herself on Instagram, highlighting her flawless skin and a brand-new dress.

Moyo Lawal claims that many people have been taunting her to post something similar to this lovely image, and she already has a lot to say about it.
She has a lot to say about a recent photo that was shared.

She is without a doubt one of the most stunning Nollywood actresses who has maintained her youthful appearance through the years.

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