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As the Nollywood actress Peggy Ovire and her boyfriend, Frederick Leonard, hold their traditional wedding ceremony in Asaba, Delta State, today, Saturday, November 19, it is all glitz and glamour as the event unfolds.

Peggy Ovire and Frederick Leonard wedding

As a result of a large number of their coworkers arriving dressed to the nines, the occasion is unquestionably a lively and vibrant one.
When the couple made their first appearance together to greet their guests, they did so dressed in all white.

After a few moments had passed, the stunning bride changed into yet another stunning ensemble, this time consisting entirely of pink garments.

A pre-wedding photo of the couple had been published earlier on Lovebird’s website before the wedding ceremony.
On Thursday evening, the ecstatic newlywed posted the photo to her verified Instagram account, where it immediately went viral.

She captioned the stunning photo with the following: “Better than I was, more than I am…… and all of this occurred as a result of taking your hands and letting God lead.”

After this, a number of congratulatory messages from their friends and coworkers in the entertainment sector are received.

It was on Sunday, November 13, that Peggy Ovire hosted her bridal shower for her upcoming wedding.

On her verified account on Instagram, the actress from Pregnant posted videos and photographs documenting the exciting moments.

PeggyOvire displayed videos and pictures of her female coworkers gathering together to celebrate and wish her well as she transitioned from being a spinster to being a married woman.

Tana Adelana, Iyabo Ojo, Mary Lazarus, and a host of other film stars brought glitz and glamour to the event, as well as additional colors.

Following a number of years of rumors to the contrary, actor Frederick Leonard and his coworker PeggyOvire have stated unequivocally that they intend to tie the knot.

The couple, who just got engaged not too long ago, will hold their traditional wedding in Warri, which is located in the state of Delta, in the month of November.

A few weeks ago, the actor dropped a hint about his relationship with Ms. Ovire when he took to his Instagram page to celebrate the birthday of Ms. Ovire, who is a year older than him.

Fans have been kept in the dark about the true nature of the duo’s relationship up to this point because the relationship between them has been unstable.

Their romance began in 2015, when Frederick publicly acknowledged that the two of them were seeing each other.

Despite this, Ms. Ovire stated in 2017 that she did not have a romantic relationship with the actor.

During an interview, the woman who had previously held the title of beauty queen stated that Mr. Leonard is her supportive friend.

“In the entertainment industry, it is tough to find someone that would look out for and advise you. He does all that for other people in the industry and me, like my brother. Contrary to what was reported, I have never been married in my life, and I have never even introduced any man to my dad. I am still single.”

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