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James Brown, a well-known Nigerian crossdresser, sparked discussion on social media after posting pictures of himself dressed appropriately for a guy.

In the pictures he uploaded, James Brown was dressed in a lovely sweater top and black slacks. He had blonde hair, and his outfit was completed by stylish white shoes and black sunglasses. These are a few of the images.

According to him after sharing the photos,

“One thing I love about my life is that nobody can predict my next move

James Brown, gushes after receiving flowers from a male admirer

IgbohoConnect news recallthat, James Brown, has taken to social media to show off the bouquet of flowers he received from a male admirer.

In the video he shared on his official Instagram page, the drag queen who couldn’t hide his excitement about the gift beamed with smile.

According to him, he recently met the guy and he asked him out, but he never took him seriously until he received the flowers, which came with a romantic note.

A while ago, James Brown recounted how a male inmate fell in love with him while he was in prison some years back.

Opening up on his experience in Ikoyi Prison, James claimed one of the guys in the cell with him fell head over heels for him by the third day.

I went to prison for two months. They put me in a prison for only guys and it was pretty intense. When I got there, they gave me welcome beating. They beat me till my wrist started shifting. And funny enough on the second or third day, a guy fell in love with me. I am still in contact with him in a way but I don’t have plans of going back there. Holy ghost fire.” He said.

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