"He Made the hair Fine fine"-Monkey trends as he Babysit little girl and makes her hair (Video) - IgbohoConnect
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Monkey has gone viral on Tiktok over his handwork after surprising people with his hilarious skills.
In the video shared, The Monkey sat down while the baby sat down, Helped her arrange her hair like it knew how to do the hair.
The unbothered baby sat down calmly as the monkey lurked her back and started it’s job.

Watch the video below……

Them dey take light for Canada- Lady tells Nigerians as she uses Lantern (Video)

Nigerian lady has taken to social media to slam Nigerians who believes they don’t take light and they don’t have water scarcity.
In the video she shared, she said she is using Lantern due to the Winter that is freezing her.
She also said that they have water Scarcity and she has been unable to cook, Wash nor do other things.
According to her, she said she can’t because she is freezing.
Watch the video below…….

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