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Today, October 27, is the birthday of American-born Yoruba Nollywood actor Tunde Owokoniran, better known by his stage as Tunde Tilapia. To commemorate his birthday, he posted cute photos of himself on social media. He was posing for the camera while wearing a lovely suit and a gorgeous smile on his face.
He asked Allah to grant him extra years so he may complete his tasks on Earth.

In Mushin, Lagos State, Nigeria, on October 27, he was born a number of years ago. A few years ago, Tunde Owokoniran moved to the United States of America. He is a very gifted actor who is recognised for his action-packed and dynamic performances in Yoruba cinema. He excels in acting and portraying roles given to him, earning the admiration of his followers.

Several of his coworkers, including Mimisola Daniels and Biola Adekunle, as well as adoring fans, have poured in the comments area to wish him a happy birthday.

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