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Zicsaloma, a popularly known skit creator, has celebrated his birthday today, Monday, October 7, by purchasing a stunning property in Lagos.

On his verified Instagram page, the happy Funny Man posted the good news and asked his friends and followers to donate to his bank account so he could have a special birthday.

“Happy birthday to me. 2nd Slide is a gift to myself. Please feel free to send in gift and ask for aza,”he wrote showing off his newly acquired hosue.

Numerous birthday congratulations were left on Zicsaloma’s post by her friends and coworkers.

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Recall that he had criticized the sex-for-role trend, claiming that it does not ensure success in the entertainment sector.

Zicsaloma contended that in the creative sector, only talent can lead to success.

When asked in recent interview if he offers sex-for-roles in his skits, the former lecturer said, “This report was generated from unknown sources, of course. I just saw myself being tagged. “

“I felt a little bit bad, these are things I have always expected as someone who is popular. I have always had this mindset that if you are doing well, and you are not being talked about, it means you are really not doing well. “

“That’s how people are. If you are too flawless, they will make sure they find something. It was posted by nameless blogs.”

“I see the whole sex-for-role thing as a fallacy. If you are talented, your talent will speak for you. If you like, sleep with the whole producers, if you are not talented, you will not go anywhere.”

Once you are talented, and you are determined, it is only a matter of time, you will have your platform.”

The comedian recalled how he came into comedy by chance, and not something he had planned out.

He added that he was much more interested in his music career, but it happened that his comedy part got more acceptability from the public.

“It just started. It was not something I ever planned. It just started. There was a day my mum brought her old clothings, all those her church caps, I just decided to wear one of the caps.”

I just flipped the wrapper over, then I now did a talking video, talking like a church woman, and when I posted one day on my Facebook page, people started laughing and sharing; and I was asking myself, ‘Is this thing really funny?.

They were like do more, do more, do more, and that was how skits started. And this was in 2017.”

“I was a professional singer before people now knew me as a comedian. If you followed my journey, you would know I have been in some music reality shows like Idol, The Voice.”

“I was doing relatively well. Like they say, some things would just come and take over, and I started doing comedy, and people were really accepting the comedy part of me, and that was how it blew up.”

“Zicsaloma, who confirmed he is not married as against rumours being spread around, announced he will be filming his first movie in January 2023.”

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