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Ninalowo Bolanle, a Nollywood actor, is one of those men that never makes fun of his wife. On his social media platforms, he frequently acknowledges and appreciates her. He calls her Mama Aliyah with affection and even said that he would sacrifice anything for his family.

On Thursday, the 27th of October 2022, Ninalowo posted a humorous video to his verified Instagram page.

In the video, Charles Okocha attempts to woo his wife as she exits a building in style. As he is acting inappropriately, Ninalowo emerges and pursues Charles Okocha out of jealousy.

Under the post, Ninalowo captioned, “Then this happened. Just when you thought the madman @charles_okocha had finished and gone back to his Califo9hey! Werey ran into mama Aliyah and want to filandra ni sha. Na still JayZ & Beyonce name e wan use oppress my wife o.”

Just in case you’re confused, “Califo9hey” refers to the way Charles Okocha amusingly pronounces California.

His followers and coworkers responded enthusiastically to the message since many of them thought it was funny. Many of them, though, advised Charles Okocha to leave Ninalowo’s wife.

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