Five actresses blessed with babies in 2022(photos)

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In terms of giving birth, the year 2022 has been a fruitful one for Nollywood actresses, with a number of the screen divas blessed with children.

Ruth Kadiri, a prominent Nollywood actress and producer, announced the birth of her second kid, Emerald-Chizaram-Ezerika, earlier on Thursday, July 21.

The delighted mother turned to Instagram to share the wonderful news. “Emerald-Chizaram-Ezerika, born July 20th, 2022,” she stated.
I just wanted you to know I prayed for you. I was waiting for you. I had feelings for you before I met you. And you have made our life a constant reminder that God hears and answers prayers.”
While Ruth Kadiri is the most recent Nollywood actress to be blessed with a new baby in 2022, she is not the only screen diva to have given birth this year, as several other Nollywood actresses have also received the fruit of their wombs.
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In this article, we will take a look at some popular Nollywood actresses that have given birth this year.1. Regina Daniels

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Regina Daniels, a Nigerian actress and film producer, with her millionaire husband, Prince Ned Nwoko, in Amman, Jordan, on June 29, 2022.
Regina Daniels’ second kid with her husband was born precisely two years after the pair had their first child, Munir Nwoko, in 2020.

2. Ivie Okujaye Egboh

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Ivie Okujaye is another Nollywood actress who has given birth this year.
On June 8th, the Delta-born actress and playwright turned to Instagram to announce the arrival of her little bundle of joy.

The actress, who announced the kid’s birth on Instagram, called the newborn a “miracle baby.”
And the baby has arrived!!!!! Our Miracle Child, who completes us. I am quite grateful. “My heart is overflowing,” she wrote.

The actress and her spouse, who married in 2015, already have two kids, the first born in July 2016, and the second in July 2018.

3. Stephanie Okereke Linus

Stephanie Linus is an actress, model, and film director who has won several awards.
The Imo State-born actress and her husband, Linus Idahosa, had their second child together on May 31, 2022, seven years after the pair received their first child, Maxwell.

“A Princely Entrance with praise and appreciation to our Heavenly Father, we are thrilled to share with you the announcement of the birth of our second son whose arrival has submerged us in unimaginable pleasure,” the actress said on Instagram.
Indeed, the Lord has blessed us abundantly, and our hearts are overflowing with eternal thankfulness.
God bless His name.”

Stephanie and Linus got married in 2012 in Paris, France.

4. Bimbo Afolayan

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“A big thanks to my family (the Afolayans and the Ogunnowos for standing by us through this nine months with love and prayers ! We are blessed!” She posted.

The Yoruba portion of Nollywood was not left out of the benefits of childbirth among Nigerian actresses this year, as Bimbo Afolayan announced the birth of her second child on June 4, 2020.

The actress, who just married famous filmmaker Okiki Afolayan, came to Instagram to announce the arrival of their kid, who was born in Houston, Texas.
“THANK YOU GOD FOR SHINING YOUR LIGHT ON MY FAMILY @okikiafolayan baby We did it!”
She has arrived.
“Oh, I was waiting!” We sat and waited! Now that you are here, my princess, we are speechless, and words fail me; we will adore and cherish you forever.

5. Bukky Adekogbe Raji (Aminatu Papapa)

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Bukky Raji, also known as Aminatu Papapa in Yoruba, is another Yoruba-speaking Nollywood actress who gave birth this year.
In June of this year, the actress and her husband, Lukmon Raji, a Yoruba-speaking actor, Abidemi Raji”

The actress announced the arrival of the kid on her Instagram page on June 12, 2022, saying, “Alhamdulilah Momoreoluwa GOD has put another pleasure into my family it is a boy.”
We hope that with more than five months before the end of the year, more Nollywood actresses would be blessed with lovely children.
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