Fairp Media is the stage name of Ayanyen Ese Destiny. Who’s a professional online comedian, actor, script writer and content creator. He was born on 15th, February, 1995 in Warri, Delta State Nigeria. He’s currently 27years of age at the moment of writing this article, Fairp Media is a very funny and creative young comedian.
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Quick Review Of  Fairp Media  Profile.
  • Full Name; Ayanyen Ese Destiny
  •  Stage Name; Fairp Media.
  • Date Of Birth; 15th of February 1995.
  • Age; Currently 27 Years Of Age.
  • Place Of Birth; Warri, Delta State.
  • Country Of Origin; Nigeria.
  • State Of Origin; Delta State.
  • Occupation; online comedian, actor, script writer and content creator.
  • Father’s Name; Updating Soon.
  • Mother’s Name; Updating Soon.
  • Language; Igbo.
  • School: Madonna University
  • Religion; Christianity.
  • Marital Status; Single.

Fairp Media Early Life And Career.

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Comedian FairP Media began his humorous career as an online comedian, appearing at various comedy events across the country. H

FairP Media eventually took his comic career to Instagram. He was well known on Instagram for his hilarious videos, His humor techniques in the videos were fantastic, and the comedy went viral on various social media platforms, catapulting him into the spotlight and making him more well known in Nigeria today.

FairP Media is active on social media platforms such as facebook, where he has over 50k followers. @FairPTheEntertainer

He is a social media influencers for most top brands in Nigeria. 


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