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Tboss, a Big Brother Naija celebrity and better known by his stage name Tokunbo Idowu, has given some wise financial advice.

On her Instagram story, the stunning mother of one gave advice to those who work hard to spend their money before they pass away.

Additionally, T. Boss pointed out that if a hard worker doesn’t spend, then their families, friends, and bills will.

She wrote: In this life ehhhh spend your money. Because if you don’t- Bills will chop it for you. Friends, family & foes will chop it. Miscellaneous here & there will come up. Don’t go to meet your Maker without enjoying some of your hard earned money

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Tboss Shades Ashmusy For Claiming To Spend N2 Million Daily

After Ashmusy posted a picture showing how much money she spends every day, reality personality Tboss confronted her.

Ashmusy claimed in an Instagram post that she now spends two million naira per day on necessities because everything is so expensive.

In response, Tboss used her Instagram story to call out the influencer for making false accusations.

She said:

“Country Hard. Things coss d*e. And yet our ‘celebrities’ be lying even Harder… The pressure is truly getting wesser for y’all’s fake lifestyle because yooooo

Come on. No seriously Come onnn.”

She urged ‘celebrities’ to take it slow with the lies and fake life as everyone is struggling with the economy’s harsh state and there is absolutely no need to pretend.

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