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Tboss, Big Brother Naija celebrity and better known by his stage name Tokunbo Idowu, has given some wise financial advice.


On her Instagram story, the stunning mother of one gave advice to those who work hard to spend their money before they pass away.

Additionally, T. Boss pointed out that if a hard worker doesn’t spend, then their families, friends, and bills will.

Spend your money in this life, she wrote. Bills will cut it for you if you don’t. It will be cut by family, friends, and enemies. There will be random issues here and there. Don’t spend all of your hard-earned money before you meet your Maker.

TBoss goes off on celebrities and Netizens over their lies and dishonesty

According to Kemi Filani News, TBoss was upset by the honesty and lies of online users and celebrities.

On her Instagram stories, TBoss vented her frustration at the hypocrisy of internet users who portray themselves as wonderful people when they are not.

I get utterly irritated by people’s hypocrisy on this app, the user wrote.

Speaking of loyalty and portraying themselves as such good people when, in reality, they are the most vile and dishonest beings ever.

“How is that even possible? Like do you really not see yourself for what you truly are or you’re so focused on portraying a picture of a person who perhaps never even existed. And don’t even get me started with the ones calling God God when WE know what y’all be doing!!! Sheeesssshhhh- y’all truly make me sick to my stomach.

In her other post, TBoss noted that things are Expensive in the country, yet celebrities lie harder about their daily lives.

She wrote: “Country Hard Things coss d*e And yet our ‘celebrities” be lying even Harder…The pressure is truly getting wesser for y’all’s fake lifestyle because Yoooo. Come on.No seriously Come onnn”.

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