“Ending the year without getting pregnant” – Pretty lady celebrates not putting in despite riding different d!ck (Video) - IgbohoConnect
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An attractive young woman from Nigeria who revealed that she didn’t become pregnant by year’s end sparked responses online.

In a viral video, the young woman could be seen beaming as she shared her goal for the coming year.

Many people were shocked to learn that the young woman’s womb had been damaged, making it impossible for her to become pregnant.

The young woman danced to a buga cover song while wearing a tiger-inspired blouse and pair of pants.

“Ended the year without becoming pregnant,” read the caption on the video.

Social media users flocked to the site to express their divisive opinions.

Watch the video below:

Some reactions are shown below:

_.29thoctober said, “You no reason am say Na fertility issues ”.

the_real_della said, “Ur womb fit don spoil oDey play”.

officialolasavage6 said, “Maybe you be barren laidis you don’t know o ”.

pup.steve said, “Shaa try check if you fit Get belle ”.

alexaustine1 said, “Maybe she actually get problem! Who knows?”.

messijnr022 said, “E never end sister dey play”.

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