Drama As Nollywood Actor Sisi Quadri and Oriogbade Engaged In A Fight, Who Will Win This. (Video) - IgbohoConnect
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Kolapo Odeleye, well known by his stage name Oriogbade, is a physically challenged man who makes his debut in the Yoruba music industry

Is an Ibadan-based vulcanizer, Before been introduced into Nollywood By Yomi Fabiyi.

Kolapo Odeleye Was Seen Quarrelling and using abusive words with Sisi Quadri.

From the video below it was believe that both Actors Were Battling for the best among each other, meaning who can abuse each other more.

As We all know that Sisi Quadri can never take last when it come to using abusing words.

Nollywood Actor Yomi Fabiyi Introduce Oriogbade Into Nollywood

Igbohoconnect Recalled That As he got ready to introduce well-known Oriogbade, an Ibadan-based vulcanizer, to the Yoruba film industry, Nigerian actor Yomi Fabiyi received appreciation from many.

Yomi Fabiyi is a well-known individual who has aided numerous Nigerians in breaking into the film industry.

But one of his best skills is helping this physically challenged man.

On social media, Yomi Fabiyi announced the good news, writing:

I welcomed ORIOGBADE and his crew to my Abeokuta office on September 11, 2022. He discussed his life’s experience and development. He has talent by birth. Being a man close to 50 years old, I laughed when he claimed he had never been to Lagos.

Watch the video below hear the full gist

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