“Don’t be stuck on your struggles nor give up on life, Joy is coming after the hard time” – Actress Toyin Abraham says as she shares a throwback photo of herself - IgbohoConnect

Dont be stuck on your struggles nor give up on

Nollywood superstar Toyin Abraham urged her followers on Tuesday to keep trying since life is too short to waste time moping over setbacks.

The actress posted an old photo of herself with the following message on social media to inspire her fans and followers:

Don’t be stuck on your struggles nor give up on life. Life’s too short for you to focus on the hard times. Life’s in circles, know that just like hard times, the good times will come and you will find happiness again. It’s never easy but it’s never over either. Remember, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Take a deep breathe, live and don’t give up.

See the post below;

Dont be stuck on your struggles nor give up on

Toyin Abraham breaks silence after a lady accused her of stealing her husband

Toyin Abraham has spoken out in response to allegations that she ruined her husband’s prior relationship.

The single mother posted a beautiful photo and an intriguing caption to her Instagram page.

As she gets older, Toyin claims that superfluous loudness disturbs her soul.

The filmmaker acknowledged that she values her privacy.

“As I grow older, unnecessary noise starts to irritate my soul. I learn to be private with my life”.

Pregnant woman drags Toyin Abraham

A pregnant woman had called out actress Toyin Abraham for allegedly snatching her husband.

The actress is married to her colleague, Kolawole Ajeyemi, who she has a child for.

The pregnant woman had alleged that Toyin snatched her now-husband from her.

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