‘Celebrity Marriage Is Not Easy’ – Actress Anita Joseph Opens Up

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According to Nollywood actress Anita Joseph, celebrity marriages encounter a lot of pressure, but couples must persevere on making their marriage work. 
In an interview with Sun Newspaper, the actress revealed that when a famous marriage fails, she frequently receives multiple backlashes online.

She does, however, feel terrible for people who anticipate her marriage to fail because it will not prevent her from sharing their happy moments online.

Anita claims that her marriage would not fail since she understood what she wanted before marrying, and everything her mother taught her is still ingrained in her.
“Whenever a colleague’s marriage fails, these internet bullies will come to face me,” she added. One recently informed me that it is still me. However, I feel sorry for those who are dragging me since they are providing me with more opportunities to post romantic moments with my spouse on social media.

“They will never, ever stop me from publishing my good moments.” Celebrity marriage is difficult; we face a lot of pressure, but you must be tenacious and insist that yours works. Again, I understood what I wanted before marrying, and everything my mother taught me about marriage is still with me. She taught me to always listen to my spouse and not to respond, especially during disputes.

“Two captains cannot be aboard the same ship.” It’s not that you can’t say your bit, but there are times when you should step back and let him speak for himself. These things are not simple, but in order for two to work together, you must agree.”

Anita commented on the rumors that she is older than her husband, saying that people make assumptions because of her chubby physique, but she doesn’t mind the haters.

She said: “When people try to mock me by saying I married a younger lover, I just laugh. It is very hilarious.  You know people assume a lot, because I’m plumpy and he’s slim that’s why they feel that way, but it’s cool, we don’t care.

“Now is the age that is their issue, and some of them don’t even work together.” Some women can’t keep a man for more than two months.
They may speak all they want while we enjoy our marriage. His kindness has spared us from having any regrets.”

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