Bread and ice block – Wizkid’s heavily pregnant babymama, Jada Pollock reveals what she’s craving

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Jada Pollock, Wizkid’s manager and baby mama, who is significantly pregnant with the singer’s second child, has opted not to hide her feelings about the condition’s appetites.

She just revealed her baby belly in a photo with her father after keeping her pregnancy a secret for weeks.
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Now that the cat is out of the bag, Jada has taken to Twitter to reveal that she is craving ice block and bread.

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The mother of one shared a photo of ice blocked put in between two slices of bread and stated that she is considering trying out the combination.

Jada captioned; ”If you know! You know 😂 #MightNeed2Try”

See how some fans reacted below..

@Betalife09; As baba wizzy be bread 🍞 winner of the house… You wan be the ice wey dey cool am down.

@YoungTife; “She tell me say she go gimme ice and bread”

@Darmson2; Anything you want just make sure our girl is kicking

@Hoversy; When you’re extremely rich, to eat rubbish food go dey hungry you. I get.Watch here

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