Bolanle Ninalowo Goes Emotional, Reveals What Redirects Him Whenever He Slips Against His Wife, Fans React - IgbohoConnect

Every woman should be proud of the way Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo loves the women in his life, his wife and mother.

The actor shared a post via his Instagram page to pray to God and urged him to protect women.

He pointed out how his mother went through pains to conceive him and her unrelenting love and support despite his wrong doings.

Bolanle also acknowledged his wife’s pain in conceiving his beautiful kids who always gladden his heart and remained his greatest source of joy and inspiration.

He declared that the two women have done so much for him and without at least one of them, there couldn’t have ever been him.

The movie star insisted that he always use the above facts as guide and they re-direct him whenever he slips and admitted that he is not perfect.

He finally prayed that God should protect and bless women.

Check out the post below:


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