Beauty causes a stir as she leaves Phyna, others in economy, cools off in business class to Cape Town(video) - IgbohoConnect
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Beauty Etsanyi Tukura, better known online as Beauty, is a Level Up cast member of BBNaija season 7 who recently traveled in business class to Cape Town, South Africa.

The reality actress boarded the Pepsi-sponsored flight from Nigeria to South Africa alone, leaving her coworkers and fellow reality stars, the Level Up Housemates, behind in economy class.

Following their outstanding achievement at the Pepsi task, Pepsi Naija during the Level Up show awarded all of the Level Up Housemates with a trip to Cape Town.

On November 23, the carbonated soft drink corporation gathered all the Level Up celebrities and booked flights for them to Cape Town, South Africa.

In a video making the rounds, the level Up Housemates were seen together at airport and spotted in a flight, very excited and looking dashing in their customised Pepsi outfits.

Majority of them were spotted at the economy class section of the flight, while Beauty, alongside Chi Chi chose to pay more money to upgrade to business class.


Beauty’s actions caused a stir online as fans react to the Pepsi trip.


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