Olarenwaju Baba Ijesha (James Omiyinka) is a well-known Yoruba actor, movie producer, comedian, singer, entrepreneur, and filmmaker.
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Baba Ijesha Early Life

The Yoruba renowned actor Baba Ijesha born Olarenwaju James Omiyinka was born on 8th October 1972.

Born and raised in Osun State, Baba Ijesha is a native of Ile-Ife, Osun State. Osun State is a State in the South Western part of Nigeria.

Early Career

In the 1980s, Baba Ijesha entered the Nigerian Yoruba film industry. He began acting at a young age, having been born in the early 1970s. Then he moved from Osun State to Lagos State, where he came to seek a greener pasture back then.

Notably, he was best known for his roles in a series of Yoruba films. He is, after all, a Yoruba man and a Yoruba actor, so there is no misidentification here. Among the films that catapulted him to fame were “Opolo,” “Afefe Ife,” and “Ololo Masun,” to name a few. As it was, Baba rose to fame after the first set of the movies he featured in were released; mostly comic movies. This was almost immediately when he joined the Yoruba movie industry.


Now, Baba has featured in over 50 Yoruba movies, of which, TV series are inclusive.

° Ololo Masun



° Afefe Ife

° Opolo

Is Baba Ijesha Married?

Yes, kindly, Baba Ijesha got married to his beautiful wife on 14th July 2012.

Allegedly, the traditional wedding ceremony which took place in July 2012 was a low key kind of ceremony.


In 2021, Baba was accused of molesting a 14 year old girl.

According to the foster mother of the victim, Damilila Adekoya popularly known as Princess Comedian, Baba did molest/rape the girl seven years ago. Then, she was just seven years old.

Seven years after, (the victim is now 14 years old) he came to and molested her again but this time, a secret camera, CCTV did catch him in the act.

Reporting, Premium Times did reveal that the Lagos State police command arrested the actor for allegedly raping a 14 year old girl, a minor.

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