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Nigerian doctor, Chinonso Egemba has cried out on Twitter after being double crossed by police officers in a Sienna car without plate number. The doctor with the handle, @aproko_doctor took to his Twitter page to share his sad experience.

He wrote:
“Policemen inside this Sienna without plates double crossed me on Eko Bridge like I was a criminal…  Even after showing my ID card as proof of identity, they still wanted to search my car and phones.  No name tags, just wearing black and carrying guns. Even Pam and Steven who saw me called me and asked what the problem was. I told them I was fine because to me there was no reason to be treated this way. It was not a police checkpoint. I know this is not routine, but let’s just assume for the sake of argument that they’re roug I felt I was being robbed in broad daylight. If it were a registered police vehicle, I would have felt better. But men in plain clothes jumping out with guns. How was I supposed to feel? Anyhow sha. How do we respond to this.. How do we differentiate them from robbers? For clarity, the Sienna had iponri police station written on it. My team member who was with me couldn’t take a photo cos she was scared of what might happen if they caught us taking one.
But yea. This is not how to police.”

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