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Popular actress Toyin Abraham finally share video of lady who accused her of her of stealing her husband

The Skitmaker named Anuoluwa finally apologize for what she did, claiming that she was joking and just want to gain fame.

Toyin reacted by sharing the video of her apology and begging her management not to take further law on the matter

She wrote

There is freedom of speech but they may not be freedom after speech

You may hide behind your keypad to defame people, tarnish image and spread lies but one thing that is important is that there are laws, there is law that governs every institution, community and the world at large and be you in Cairo like this lady or Pakistan the hands of the law will find you and you will answer for your crime.

Let’s say no to fake news, let’s verify stories and don’t rush to post for views , let’s stop defamation of character. #CelebritiesAreHumansToo

Actor Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi begged the team to let go and drop charges,other offenders may not be lucky in future.

Cc @toyin_abraham.

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So sorry for the concept I use against u and ur husband 🙏🙏 much love momma ❤️❤️ @kolawoleajeyemi @otunbaseun

Toyin Abraham breaks silence after a lady accused

Toyin Abraham, has spoken out in response to allegations that she ruined her husband’s prior relationship.

The single mother posted a beautiful photo and an intriguing caption to her Instagram page.

As she gets older, Toyin claims that superfluous loudness disturbs her soul.

The filmmaker acknowledged that she values her privacy.

“As I grow older, unnecessary noise starts to irritate my soul. I learn to be private with my life”.

Pregnant woman drags Toyin Abraham

A pregnant woman had called out actress Toyin Abraham for allegedly snatching her husband.

The actress is married to her colleague, Kolawole Ajeyemi, who she has a child for.

The pregnant woman had alleged that Toyin snatched her now-husband from her.

In a video which went viral, the woman claimed to have gotten pregnant for Kolawole four years ago before he ditched her for the actress.

She stated that she has been unable to deliver the actor’s child, and has been carrying the pregnancy for four years.

After consulting spiritual helps, she was told that until Kolawole returns, she wouldn’t be able to deliver the child.

She called on Toyin Abraham’s fans to help her beg the actress to leave her husband alone.

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