Actress Omo-Borty Finally Responds To Fake News That She Wants Her Daughter To Marry As A Virgin - IgbohoConnect
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Omo-Borty, one of the most in-demand Yoruba movie actresses, addressed the online rumor that she wants her daughter to get married as a virgin in her most recent Instagram post. She addressed the situation on her Instagram page and categorically denied saying anything along those lines.

She said that she had never given an interview in which she had discussed her daughter in such a way. She acknowledged that she doesn’t typically brag about things and that she won’t start now. She added that she dislikes falsehoods with a passion and finds it offensive when people compare her to her coworkers.

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She made it clear that she is not the type to chase clout, and she does not joke with her children. She, however, urged those people behind the news to stop spreading fake news about her daughter.

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She made it known that she never granted such an interview about her daughter while warning others to stop talking about what she never does or says on social media.

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