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Lizzy Anjorin, a Nigerian actress, won the hearts of many Nigerians by giving out meals to those in need while paying respect to her parents 12 years after their passing.

Lizzy Anjori posts videos of herself offering people food in a group of people.

She captions the video with” MY MUMMY AND DADDY 12 YRS REMEMBRANCE


Many of her fans took to the comment section to hail her.

– May their soul continue to Rest In Peace ,but why you wear daddy Oba slippers later you go Dey abuse Ibadan people

– May Allah forgive their sins and also forgive my dad and other Muslim faithfuls, light and expand their graves and grant them Aljanah Firdaos…. Amin. Suratul Iqlas (3ce)…Amin

– May Allah accept the sadaqat. See as these people they see celeb lai fi Ida ha le u guys are lucky

– May Almighty Allah accept it as an act of ibadah and may he continue to forgive dem dere sins and grant dem Aljanatul firdaus

– May their souls continue to rest in perfect peace with my mum and dad also

– So its 12 years we had d party already,may their soul continue to rest in peace

– Please ma I use God to beg you kindly have mercy on me as my daughter food has finished please I’m open to video call to confirm if I’m lying or not, not necessary you send me money you can send the food to our address or give me location I will go pick, her food is peak 123, nutribom and goldenmorn please help me I live in 1 banjoko bustop after igbogbo ikorodu Lagos 

– May their souls continue to rest in Alijanat, Almighty Allah blessings and mercies continue to be with you,you will not die young MashaAllah bilkhudeeratulai kunfayakun….. Allahumo ameen

See the video below:

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