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On her baby’s Instagram page (Oluwashonaolami Ilori), popular actress and content creator Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori aka Kie Kie posts adorable pictures of her family. The couple looks stunning in adorable holiday attire while cuddling their infant. Kie Kie is delighted to spend Christmas with her newborn.

As seen in recent photos, Kiekie was beaming broadly. This is her first Christmas with her husband and child, and it’s been an amazing experience. It says in her caption, “Nola. Makes Christmas absolutely perfect. Happy Holidays, everyone! “.

Online comments were sparked as fans and celebrities gushed over these adorable pictures. They also sent them heartfelt greetings for the holiday season.

Kiekie gave birth to her child with her partner in the US a month ago. Social media users congratulated each other and thanked God for the safe delivery. One of the content producers who has advanced online comedy is Kiekie. She excels at what she does and has achieved great success.

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