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Kunle Remi, a Nigerian actress, is enjoying a fantastic year professionally. The actor starred as Saro earlier this year in the popular Netflix film Anikulapo. He will now appear in Toyin Abraham’s most recent production, Ijakumo, in December.

When Kunle Remi visited TVC’s Wake Up Nigeria to promote his most recent film, he took the chance to discuss where he sees Nollywood in ten years as well as to finally put to rest the allegations surrounding him and his co-star Bimbo Ademoye from the film Anikulapo. Here are Kunle’s words.

During his interview, Kunle Remi was asked “What do you think is happening now in Nollywood and where do you see the movie industry in like 10 years?” He said:

I believe that we’re accepting ourselves. I believe we’re owning ours. We’re no longer trying to be [foreign] or trying to fit in. I think now we’re saying take us as we are. I mean look at it, music has conquered that. And that’s a very good footing for us. That’s a very good head start. If music could do that, then we also. Anikulapo for example made it obvious that the world wants to see this. They want to see the culture. We had more views even outside than in Nigeria, and it was in different languages. So it just shows that they want to see and understand the culture.

And if we don’t embrace this culture and don’t tell these stories, people will tell the stories. The Woman King could have been told by us. We could have told that story. But here’s the thing, I appreciate the effort, I love what they did. My boy was in it. But here’s the thing: if we told that story and we did it properly, it would have been deeper. But then again, they brought in a different level to it that made it stand out. We probably don’t have the budget. But it’s such an African story. We don’t need to struggle speaking our language, we don’t need to go and learn it. It’s ours.

“There is a particular question that is burning in everybody’s mind so I’m just going to go ahead and ask it. Do you have a girlfriend? Do you have a lover?”

What is people’s concern with this thing? Why do they wanna know? Why is that important in this life? There’s no pressure na. This same Wake Up Nigeria, the last time that I came, you people asked me “when are you getting married?” [laughs]

There’s a lot of speculation so you really need to let us know and I’m not going to mention the name of the person that they’ve been speculating about”

Is it Bimbo [Ademoye]? Oh Bimbo is my G na. Forever. We’ve known each other for the longest time so if we were gonna date, she’s amazing that we’re not going to be hiding it if you get what I mean. And we are too much of “clowns” to hide it. I don’t think there’s anything. We’re already in the industry anyway. Relationship outside the industry, I’ll protect it, just personally.

“So is that the situation?”

Yeah, okay.

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