“A lot of guys don’t want me, they want my dad” DJ Cuppy lament bitterly(Video) - IgbohoConnect

Nigerian DJ Cuppy bemoaned her treatment at the hands of guys.

dj cuppy

The billionaire’s daughter recently opened up about her struggles in an interview. She has been looking for love and lamenting her single status.

She is coveted by most males, according to DJ Cuppy.

She claims that they really want her father instead of her.

Cuppy admitted that she dated a man who constantly enquired about her meeting the wealthy businessman.

“So many guys don’t want me, they want my dad. I dated a guy and he was like ‘when is he going to meet my dad’”.

Speaking about her ideal man, Cuppy revealed that she wants a man who would love her deeply and wouldn’t be after her dad.

“I want someone to love the shit out of me and like be happy and my dad’s like a byproduct”

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