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Catherine Obi, a widow from Nigeria, has disclosed that she supported four of her children solely from the proceeds of her “mama put” business.

The native of Anambra has been working in the industry for 40 years and counting in the state of Ondo.

The mother of seven revealed in an interview with vlogger Danica Kosy that she went to Oregon with her husband, but he passed away soon after.

Automatically becoming a widow, Catherine concentrated exclusively on her company and her children. She is now reaping the rewards of her hard work.

Her restaurant serves a variety of regional dishes, such as egusi soup, and she employs a large staff. The septuagenarian explained why she continues to cook with firewood by saying:

“I use firewood to cook since i started this business and I am used to it. Apart from that, firewood is faster for me, i prefer it.”

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Social media reactions
Vera everestus-okafor said:

“Thank you so much mama!

“There’s no excuse for us not to do something worthwhile with our lives inspite of the challenges…

“Mama, you’re are a model for us modern women today.”

Fanny Amen Ossai said:

“Thank God for her & the strength God gave her. She has acquired great experience in handling catering business over the years. Congratulations mama

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