“4 years of marriage and forever in love” – Lala Akindoju gushes as they mark wedding anniversary - IgbohoConnect

Veteran Nigerian Chef and content creator Gbubemi Fregene popularly known as Chef Fregz and his Nollywood filmmaker wife, Lala Akindoju are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary today, September 20.

Lala Akindoju

The celebrity couple who was in 2021 blessed with a baby boy took to their respective verified Instagram pages to express their feelings as their union soars.

For Lala, this is her best four year and so far and more to come.

She wrote this on page, ‘”indeed time flies by when you’re having a good time.


4 years of choosing each other

4 years of growth

4 years of security

4 years of support

4 years of the actual best time!


5 years of friendship, 4 years of marriage and forever in love and fulfilling purpose.


I couldn’t have asked for a better partner and indeed I like the person marrying this chef has made me become.



#àṣéwẹ́rẹ́niṣẹ́olúwa…Ojú burúkú ò ní rí wa ní orúko Jésù.”

On his part, Chef Freggz wrote, “In the year four. I have grown the most.

I’ve surrendered the most.

Thank you for making me better.

I like us. I love us. Lowkey feels like 2 years ago we planned wedding and we’re running up and down. So grateful to God for the journey thus far. May our days only spur good growth, Foster deeper love and connection between us. We would raise incredible children and continue to have God as our guide. Ìwọ Lọ Kan #ÀséwéréniséOlúwa.”

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