Farming in Nigeria has taken a dramaticv turn to a better direction and millionaires are currently being made every year through farming in Nigeria and there is certainly no end in creating more wealth in farming. In this article are the top 10 lucrative farming businesses;

  1. RICE FARMING: rice is by far one of the most popular foods in Nigeria amongst Nigerians, almost every family eats rice daily in Nigeria. Any entrepreneur who goes into rice farming and gets it right will be smiling to the bank because even the government is doing all its possible best to protect local rice farmers by given them incentives and also banning the importation of foreign rice and allow them to market and sell their homegrown rice.


  1. CASSAVA FARMING: The popularity of cassava goes as the major source of food for Nigerians citizens’ dates back to the ages. Between Garri and rice it is very hard to decide which one of them is the most popular food in a Nigerian home, both are the most consumed stable food within the citizens. Apart from Garri, there is countless foodstuffs processed from cassava in Nigeria. The introduction of high yield species of cassava has made it possible for the Nigerian farmers to produce more cassava per plots of land which also translates to more money for the farmers and who doesn’t like more income.


  1. PLANTAIN PLANTATION: Plantain farming is profitable, but, like every other business in Nigerian, for you to profit from plantain farming you need understand how to maintain the plantation and business. Plantain is widely consumed in Nigeria. Any food that is popular in Nigeria is always a huge income earner due to the large population of Nigeria. Plantain is highly priced across Nigeria and is always in high demand all year round across Nigeria. Fry it, boil it, roast it and the market is there. A research disclosed that an investment of about 200,000naira on 1,000 plantains occupying an acre of land can bring a return profit of about 1million both from sales of suckers and the plantain fruits.





  1. POULTRY FARMING: Everyone knows how profitable poultry farming is in Nigeria. It doesn’t need much introduction to be able to know about that but yet it is still not fully tapped, what you will see in Nigeria are a few badly managed, scantily filled, unequipped poultry farms except the Obasanjo farm amongst others. Most Agricultural entrepreneur normally choose poultry above other animal farming this is because of the huge market that the business generates in Nigeria and even beyond this continent, if well managed, its revenues return both in eggs and meat production is very high.


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  1. PINEAPPLE FARMING: Pineapple farming in Nigeria is another sure money maker. Thousands of fruit juice are made from pineapple and the makers of pineapple fruit juices are always on the lookout of the Large scale selling of pineapple from pineapple farms where they could buy their raw materials.


  1. BEANS FARMING: A bag of beans cost more than a bag of rice and a bag of Garri this is because it needs a lot of work and you will need a good amount of capital if you intent to start on a large scale and enjoy the trade and profits. The northerners in Nigeria are the ones making it the biggest in beans farming as they are the ones supplying all of Nigeria beans demands and beyond.


  1. CATFISH FARMING: Catfish farming can easily make you millions in Nigeria. There is a very high demand for catfish all year round, the demand is highest from football viewing centers restaurants, and market women who buy in bulk and sell in retails either live catfish or smoked catfish. With catfish, you will never have any problems with selling your products to your customers, a single catfish cost about 700naira in restaurants and about 400naira from the open markets.


  1. GOAT REARING: Domestic or commercial goats plays an important role in the overall economy of Nigeria. Commercial goat farming is very popular in the northern part of Nigeria down to the southern part of Nigerian. For anyone interested in this goat business, you will be looking at selling a full grown and well breed for about 15,000 to 40,000 in the market.



  1. SNAIL FARMING: Snail farming in Nigeria as for a long time has a good means of generating money and yet only a few people know about this, there is a high demand of snails not only for consumptions but for other great and nice purposes like making traditional medicine, soup, cosmetic products and beads amongst the rest. There always a huge demand in the market for snails in Nigeria as demands exceeds supply. Premium customers in Nigeria include hotel, small joints, bars restaurants and eateries. the average cost of snail in Nigeria is about 250naira to 400naira which is also depending on the size. Large scale snail farmers can export their snails to countries in Europe and America where there is higher demand, it requires low startup capital but it returns on profit are massive when compared to the initial amount started with.


  1. MAIZE FARMING: Maize farming is a practice common to all Nigerians. although its highly lucrative, many people don’t know because they practice very small scale maize farming. One good thing about maize farming is that everything about maize farming happens farming fast, it takes less than four months between planting and harvesting. When maize farming is done on a large scale, the returns in terms of revenue can be overwhelming. Experts say the profitability can be as high as 450%.



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