1. BEST WIFI AREA: With this app you can measure your Wi-Fi signal but in AR. Wi-Fi AR is applicable when you are out or even at home you can search for the best Wi-Fi and also see where the best spot is for the best signal. You can see the connection, speed, the connection signal.


  1. BURN YOUR EMAIL: What can also be pretty useful is a burner email and you can get one with this app. It is called the Temp Mail and it suggests that it is a temporary email. When you first open the app, it prompts you to go premium but just click the X button that is the cancel button and now you have a temporary email. You can send and receive any amount of emails over this email address and use it for discount codes or whatever. How it works is very simple, it generates random and temporary email address that you can use however you want and when you are done, simply burn the old one and grab a new one and keep it in my mind that the email address can only be activated for two hours.


  1. TRACK SUBSCRIPTIONS: Subscriptions app is a cool app that literally helps you track every single subscription you currently have. As soon as you have a new subscription, Click the plus icon and put in the value amount as well as the subscription and date, you can color coat it and as soon as you press save, it will add it to your list. You can then see the yearly, monthly or even weekly that all your subscription is totally into. You can also add custom notifications of when to cancel a subscription and when to debit your account again and even sort through them by name, price and added date.


  1. IPHONE COPY CAT: A lot of people wish to get that assist button you get on iPhone but do you know you can also get it on android. The app is named Assistive touch, and once you open it up, you just need to activate it and the assistive touch icon will appear on your screen. You can move or position it to anywhere you want and once you tap on it, you can now access all the different settings. And it makes navigating in phones so easy and it is unbelievable have different things you can do with it. If you want to customize or change the settings you simply open up the app and click on custom menu.


  1. GET A CURSOR: Quick cursor is an app that once you open it up and you click start, the app will be activated and anytime you swipe from the right hand side, you get a cursor that you can use to navigate anything at the top of your screen. It is an amazing and responsive and works so well that you can even use it on an android tablet.


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