1. NIFTY GESTURES: Let us take a look at some sweet full screen gestures. The app is called Full screen gestures, and once you open it up you see a couple of different gestures options you can make just by swiping from the edge of your screen, so you can choose whether you want  to take a screenshot or increase the volume or even open up the power menu. And how this app works is that it gives you a bunch of different gesture movement that you can map to whatever you want. So if I swipe from the bottom left I will take a screenshot or bottom right that will open up the power menu


  1. MORE TOPBAR CONTROLS: If you wanted even more gestures, you can get a bunch of different ones with this app, it is called Super Status Bar, Once you open up this app, you see a bunch of different gestures and settings you can choose from. Once you have decided what you want click the start button and now if you swipe along your status bar, you can change your screen brightness and if you double tap it, it will lock your screen.



  1. CONTROL YOUR MEDIA: How about an app that will specifically control all your media? It is called Media Bar and it is kind of similar to the previous app. Once you open it up make sure you toggle on the media bar and no matter what media you open up whether it’s an app for music, YouTube or even Spotify and as soon as you click the play button, a bar appears at the top of the screen and shows you how far the media is, you can also use it to quickly scrub through your media. In the setting you can also decide on the bar thickness whether you want it at the top, bottom or even gradient colors.


  1. CRAZY NAVIGATION: With this app you can navigate through your whole phone using just Panels. Panels is an unbelievable useful app. Once you open up the app, make sure you activate it and once that is done you will notice that there is a really small side bar appear on your screen. What happens is that when you swipe on it, it opens up the side panel and you can access just about any application. You can also customize the side panel by choosing what apps you want to be there.


  1. CHANGE VOLUME SKINS: Custom Volume Panel is a cool app that allows you to change and customize the look of your volume panel. Once you click on skins you see a bunch of free and as well as some paid options and as soon as you find the one you like, tap on it and literally in a couple of seconds you have a brand new custom looking volume panel, not only does it change looks of the same volume bar but the entire panel itself and it also changes depending on light or dark mode.


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