I am going to show you 10 android apps that will completely change the way you use your phone

  1. MUSIC FOR HOURS: The app is called Black Screen and once you have installed and open it up, all you need to do is enable the black screen and then you will see a little lock icon on your screen and you can move it anywhere on your screen and then when you are ready to listen to music and podcast on YouTube, open it up and click the play button and when you are ready click the lock icon and your phone will turn off and it seriously do help save battery lives.



  1. SUPER LONG SCREENSHOTS: Do you know there is an app for a very long screenshot? It is called Screen Master and when installed and you open the app, you just click the activate icon and a little floating icon appears on the screen. You just open any app, click on the above icon then after click on stitch and everything you click on a plus icon it will scroll down and take another screenshot. Finally when you are done, click on Auto-switch and it will automatically stitch everything together.



  1. LIGHT UP YOUR MUSIC: With this app you can add awesome edge lighting effects to your music and notifications. The app is called Muviz Edge immediately you open it up you will see the edge lightening effects. To make sure the edge light effect works make sure you turn on the Music overlay, Add music and Add notification settings. You can optimize your edge light effect with different options be it free and paid ones and you can choose a bunch of custom colors and click apply and every time you play music edge lightening effect shows.



  1. LIVE MUSIC WALLPAPER: With this app you can add music to your wallpaper, the name of the app is Diffuse. Once you open it up what you need to do is to click on set wallpaper. And click set wallpaper once more and decide whether you want it for your Home or lock screen. What this app does is that it applies your last song as wallpaper.




  1. BEST SHARING APP: If you are familiar with apple they have a super useful airdrop, what about android? Other than nearby share they can get Snapdrop. You just need to open the app on an android and go to snapdrop.net on an iPhone. Connect to the other phone and select all of your files and in seconds it is set. Transferring from android to an iphone have never been too easy and to transfer back you just do the same thing.


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