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Good day,  my aim in this article is to give best farming ideas that will make you wealthy mentally, physically and financially. If you find this helpful, you can always come back to our blog to read more on beneficial Agricultural tips.

Below are farming businesses that you never knew are so lucrative;

  1. MUSHROOM FARMING : mushroom farming is one of the most profitable and lucrative business you can start with a very low investment and less space. When you think of small scale farm ideas, mushrooms are not probably the first things that come to your mind as the best cash crops you can grow. But growing mushrooms can be surprisingly profitable, especially oyster mushroom which can grow in less than just ‘five weeks’ and sell for $10 dollars to $20 dollars per bound. Mushrooms are an excellent crop for urban farmers or anyone who does not have any extra space to work with. They are most often grown in bulks and produced in extremely high return. Oyster mushrooms can produce up to 25 bounds, and best of all they can be vertically in large hanging bags to maximize the space you have got available.  Mushrooms don’t last long after harvest, and are difficult to ship across the country, so local growers have an advantage over large or commercial operators. There several series of channel to consider including selling the rest of its shaft to farmers market. If you have too many mushrooms to sell at any given time, you can always dry them and sell them that way as well. They would be of lower price then, but they would be usable for much longer.

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  1. MICRO GREENS FARMING : I want to discuss micro greens after mushrooms because in many ways they are quite similar. Both are some of the most lucrative crops when it comes to profit. Micro greens only take 2 or 3 weeks from seedling to harvesting and can often sell for more than $15 per bound. One thing that you will love about micro greens is how scale able they are, you can start by just growing 5 or 6 seeds of micro greens in an empty room or basement and start making an extract of a $100 right away. If you want to grow in quite big quantity, you will likely want to start using shelving to grow your micro greens, that way you can grow them under fluorescent lightning and 2-4 micro greens can grown on top of each other. Using shelving, it is possible to produce $10,000 worth of micro greens in just an average basement or spare bedroom worth of space. Micro greens are most commonly grown in 10x 20x trays filled with soil, but can also be grown hydro botanically. Like mushrooms, micro greens need to be sold fresh and don’t have an extremely long shelf live. You need to find a market by selling at farmers market or reaching out to local shelves or grocery stores. You can also sell micro greens to wholesalers. Almost any vegetable hall can be used to grow micro green and there are wide range of micro greens commonly grown these days. I will recommend starting up with the most common ones like sun flower and radish before trying more exotic varieties. This is because the one I mentioned are easier to grow and are also more easily marketable since people are already familiar with them, taking both their high yield and selling price, micro greens are some of the most profitable vegetables to grow in any location.


  1. BAMBOO PLANTING : Bamboo is one of the fastest growing woody plant in the world, in fact one specie in japan as been recorded to be growing more than 1metre, 3feets in a single day. You might think of bamboo as a tropical plant, but there are actually several other varieties capable of surviving winter when the temperature drops below 0 degrees. Bamboo is the most landscaping plant that can be sold as decorating plant or used to create edges of screen. Landscapers are willing to pay as much as $150 for imported bamboo plants. Many current bamboo farmers are finding it hard to keep up with demand, by growing bamboo plant in your nursery, it is possible to produce thousands of dollars worth of the plant. Bamboo is also becoming more popular for its use as textile or fabric, if you live in an area with a climate that supports growing bamboo outdoors, you can grow the crop for many other uses other than a decorating plant.


  1. BONSAI CROPPING: A bonsai is an ornamental shrub or tree that is grown in pot it has it root restricted to, to artificially prevent it from reaching its normal size. Bonsai plant can range in price from $20 for younger ones to $5,000 or more for taller specimens. Some bonsai plants have been growing for a 100years or more and are still healthy despite being only a foot or two tall. Bonsai is a fairly wide shrub that is continue to grow popularity, so there is plenty of opportunities to sell bonsai to people who want to plant themselves or buy an already established bonsai plant, to maintain as a decoration. Bonsai grows usually specialized in a few different areas. Some grows, start as a tree of young and grows to become shrubs others start in individual pots. More advance growers keeps their plants longer and by beginning to place them into their first pots, other growers invest into their specimens and then sell their fully developed bonsai plant for hundreds of dollars each to collectors. Growing bonsai does not require much space because the plant are so compact. It will only take a few hundred dollars of soil and seed to get started, you can grow bonsai from regular seeds. The real value comes from the knowledge and skill to transform seedlings to beautiful bonsai plants. If you are already living on a small farm and growing bonsai plants as a hubby, why not try turning it into more business. You can start small by just a few extra plants and go from there.


  1. SNAIL FARMING : You might also want to look at other exotic options, rearing snails could be quite profitable as snails are considered as delicacy and in high demand at french restaurant in particular, they will be sold at a good price if you raise them on organic diet. If you want to be a real trend setter, you may even consider farming insects such as crickets. Believe it or not, the demand for edible insects in America exceeded 50million dollars in 2018 and its only expected to increase. Right now, most people are disgusted of the idea of eating insects, they are mostly consumed as a novelty item or on a bearable more palatable form, such as chocolates from crickets and ants. But with more people being conscious about the ethical and environmental impacts of meat we could see a trend of people eating more insects in the next few years.


I am afraid this is where I will wrapping up the VOL 1 of “10 agricultural businesses that you never knew can make you become rich”. If you find this article informative and interesting please drop your positive comments in the comment section, and stay updated on our blog to read the next volume of this article. Bye for now!!


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