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Oyebade Adebimpe who is also known as Mo Bimpe is a Nigerian actress born on 23rd March 1997. As of 2020, the brilliant actress is 23 years old. She is the actress who was mentioned to be in a relationship with Lateef Adedimeji, a rumor she has debunked.

Adebimpe Adedimeji, the beautiful Nollywwod Actress, wife of Lateef Adedimeji has just revealed some of the pictures from London Hangout.

She added the caption below the pictures. There.are lots of reactions below the pictures.

Fabrics: @Owamberockers

Dress: @zichaelwoman

Agbada: @kwetun

Facebeat: @davidstouch_ / @Beautybytumi

Gele: @khernys_touch / @Beautybytumi

Beads: @justbeadit_ng

Hair : @vianosluxury

Hair styling: @menapetite

Accessories: @wowaccessorries

Shoes/Bag: @Owamberockers

Styling: @Owamberockers

Photography: @lypixphotography


See the pictures below👇

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adedimejilateef 20220925 00066695528096887074197
adedimejilateef 20220925 00073990302697656759432
adedimejilateef 20220925 00028478628990343638936
adedimejilateef 20220925 00037092162832524380451

See some of reactions below👇

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screenshot 20220925 2058341893488300015154020
screenshot 20220925 2058292384777181646609336

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